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Medical Marijuana To Lose Weight

Losing weight is pretty tough! If you’re someone who’s going through a weight loss phase, you’ll understand this. There are various medications that claim to offer relief but most of them don’t work. Well, a medical marijuana card Santa Barbara can help you slim down. How? By giving you access to cannabis. You must have heard people saying that cannabis users are slimmer than the rest. How is that happening? We’ll find out!

Cannabis and munchies

Cannabis is closely linked to the munchies. Well, it does trigger the urge to eat which is pretty helpful for conditions like nausea and anorexia. Every human body has an endocannabinoid system that is a network of receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes. When you ingest cannabis, active compounds like THC and CBD, interact with these receptors. THC particularly interacts with CB1 and produces a sense of high.

This receptor is also linked to an enhanced sense of taste and smell. This leads to an increased urge to eat. Cancer patients can particularly benefit a lot from this, The medications kill your appetite. So, the herb comes as a saving grace. The American diet mostly consists of omega-6 fatty acids with low omega-3 fatty acid content. A new research says that the endocannabinoid system could have a link to the fat profile in the body. Over-stimulation of the CB-1 receptors could have an impact on your body.

Stimulation of the CB1 receptors is good for the body but if it happens in excess, it can break the balance of the body. It can lead to obesity, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases.

Cannabis is helpful

The herb is pretty helpful when it comes to managing this phenomenon. Regular stimulation of these receptors can reduce this over-reaction and offer relief. This mechanism is called the down-regulation. Various studies show that cannabis consumers have a low body mass index (BMI). The down-regulation is pretty helpful and can keep your weight in check. Well, it’s not just the presence of THC that affects the appetite.

There is one more cannabinoid that has an effect. It’s THCV. This cannabinoid suppresses the appetite by limiting the activity of THC and the CB1 receptors. Scientists say this cannabinoid does have an influence on the receptors in the brain. So, it affects the appetite centers too.

We’ve already talked about THC and THCV. What about CBD? It shows promising effects too. With strong antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is useful for managing a lot of health conditions. If you’ve been using cannabis for a while, CBD increases the body’s brown fat content. This facilitates fat metabolism in the body and is helpful in preventing obesity.

Although you cannot discount the fact that cannabis is helpful in managing obesity, more research is needed to bring the benefits in light. There are hundreds of useful compounds in the cannabis plant. So, pointing out that a particular cannabinoid is useful is not enough. There is plenty of ongoing research that aims to unearth more benefits of cannabis. With in-depth knowledge, we will be able to use cannabis in a better way for our health.

Get your medical marijuana card in Santa Barbara

The idea of using cannabis for managing obesity definitely sounds good but you need an MMJ card to access it. If you’re planning to get one for yourself, you need to find a certified 420 clinic. Once you do that, follow these steps:

1) Fill the application form and submit it through the website interface. Telemedicine has made everything easier. You can access all the facilities from the comfort of your home.

2) The clinic will analyze your application and link you to a certified cannabis doctor. The doctor interacts with you via video call and understands your health condition. The main aim of this procedure is to check if you have a qualifying condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis.

3) If you qualify, you’re eligible to own an MMJ card that you can use to purchase cannabis from the state-certified dispensary.

So, if you’re planning to battle obesity, getting a medical marijuana card in Santa Barbara can be very helpful for you. It can gift you the power of good health through cannabis.

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