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Learn Everything About Cannabis Concentrates

There are many varieties of cannabis products. These include the dry herbs that you smoke, gummy candies, medicated rubs, baked goods, and more. Cannabis concentrate has to go through processing to keep the most desirable compounds of the cannabis plant. These include terpenes and cannabinoids. During this process, all the impurities and excess plant materials are also removed. If you want more terpenes and cannabinoids, marijuana concentrate should be your pick.

Cannabis has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its medical benefits. It can be used for medical purposes to treat various conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, Parkinson’s, and more. You just need a medical cannabis recommendation to buy your cannabis from any legal dispensary. Getting a medical marijuana card in Santa Barbara is not difficult either. Just go to a clinic and a doctor will evaluate your condition, and if you qualify, you will get your recommendation card.

Types of Cannabis Concentrate

The major varieties of cannabis concentrates are shatter, oil, hash, wax, rosin, dabs, and capsules. Every type has its own effects and advantages, and for some new users, some of them can be overwhelming. The names of these concentrates are mainly based on the texture of these products.

Cannabis concentrates are extracted from the plants by using heat, hydrocarbons, alcohol, water, and carbon dioxide. If you are a new consumer, try to figure out the solvents that might not suit you and choose concentrates that don’t contain them. Trying hash or rosin can be an option. Water is used for the extraction of hash and rosin requires only the use of heat.

Choosing the type concentrate depends upon how you want to use it. If you are looking to use cannabis on your body, you would need oil or shatter for that. For vaping, you would need a cartridge that would work the best with your dry herb. Or you can just go with the edibles that include baked goods, oil capsules, and candies.

Concentrates have more potency than the dry herbs, and with concentrates, you can experience cannabis in different ways. So, let’s look at some of the most common concentrates.


Hash is made by concentrating and compacting the cannabis trichomes, or resin glands. It is made into a solid block. The trichomes or the essence of marijuana are separated from the plant material to produce a hash. Usually, this separation begins after collecting the gland heads of the female plant. Although, concentrate producers have found more ways to produce hash since the legalization of cannabis in many states.

Hash is widely known as hashish, which is derived from an Arabic word meaning grass. Hash has been around for many centuries. In the 19th century, doctors started doing their research on hashish by importing it from Africa. This all started when European explorers went to Africa.

Hash contains lower levels of THC and hence has a mellow high with less psychoactive effects. So, if you are new to cannabis use, considering hash can be a good choice for you.

Cannabis Wax

Wax often contains hash oil and looks like a soft, balm-like substance. This is usually used in used and you can also use it for dabbing. There are a lot of wax products that come in different colors and are easy to manipulate.

Wax has gained its own popularity and many people prefer it over other concentrates. Especially if you are looking for a stronger high, wax can be perfect for you. It can contain high levels of THC which can be around 60 to 80 percent. This is more THC content than any other concentrate, making it a great option for getting fast and strong high.

You need to have a special water pipe known as a dab rig or an oil rig, a dab tool, and a nail to smoke marijuana wax.

Shatter Hash And Weed

Shatter is produced through a blasting method, and it is a hard, resin-like material. The plant material is blasted with a solvent making the slurry-like material. This slurry is then heated in a vacuum oven which removes the solvent. Once the solvent is removed, the shatter spreads and gets in its shape. Shatter is high in terpenes making it taste better than the other products. It is easy to snap.

You can smoke shatter in a rig. Shatter is still illegal in some states due to its high potency. Marijuana can contain around 5 to 18 percent of cannabinoid, while shatter can have up to 80 percent.

Final Words

There are a lot of options on the market if you are looking for cannabis concentrates, and every product has its own advantages. This is specifically true for people using cannabis for medical purposes. So, that was all the basic information about concentrates and its types.

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