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Cannabis, as a medical remedy for many physical and psychological conditions, is gaining a lot of popularity all over the country. And the legalization of recreational, as well as medicinal use of marijuana, has made it much easier for the masses to take a lot out of the plant. You can easily access cannabis with a medical marijuana card in Santa Barbara. 

The use of marijuana, pot, cannabis, pot or whatever you may call it, for recreational as well as medical purposes has been legalized all over California, which also includes Santa Barbara. Though this little beach town is getting used to cannabis rather slowly, people here are getting to know about the benefits the plant has to offer.

But enjoying the benefits of marijuana in Santa Barbara has some little tricks to it.

Worry not, guys. I’ll tell you the tricks. Friends don’t keep secrets, obviously.

So, let’s see what you gotta know to get what the plant has, for you, in the bucket.

1.Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Though the laws allow anyone above the age of 21 to buy cannabis from a local Marijuana dispensary legally. You still might get a no for an answer if you don’t have a medical marijuana card in Santa Barbara. A bit confusing. But it’s true. And the credit goes to the slow process of the town adopting the new cannabis laws.

So, to avoid getting turned away, we suggest you get a medical marijuana card in Santa Barbara. This will not only help you get cannabis without any hassle but will also benefit you in many other ways. For instance, in California, if you have an MMJ card, you can travel with a permitted amount of Cannabis, legally, within the state.

Also, now, with the emergence of the online MMJ card facilities, the process of getting your MMJ recommendation has become the task of minutes

2. Don’t have an MMJ card? Drive to Ojai

If you want to get your hands on Cannabis but are not willing to get the Medical Marijuana Card, a 45 minutes to Ojai is all you need. In Ojai, unlike Santa Barbara, you won’t need a Medical Marijuana Card to buy some limited quantity of Cannabis. Just make sure you are above 21, and you are good to go.

We still recommend getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Santa Barbara, as traveling to Ojai every time to get your cannabis supply is not a good idea, I think.

3. Don’t consume Cannabis on public beaches

Enjoying your weed on a sunny day, lying on a beautiful beach of Santa Barbara, feeling the warmth of the sand touching your body sounds like a perfect plan. Doesn’t it? 

If you think so, you couldn’t be more wrong my friend.

Despite the legality of cannabis in the state of California, it is not a good plan to consume marijuana at any public place. And obviously, beaches also form part of these places. Smoking weed or consuming it in any other way might get you in legal trouble.

But I’ll stay away from other people, minding my own business. No one will know.

Nope, still not a good idea.

4. Don’t consume Cannabis in your vehicle

Though your vehicle doesn’t carry the tag of a public place, it is still illegal to consume cannabis in your vehicle. So please avoid ripping open the pack you just brought, as soon you get into your ride. It’s illegal to drive under the influence. And if you are pulled over under suspicion, there are many ways with the authorities to test you. And if proven guilty, you may attract a lot of legal problems to yourself.

It should be noted, not only is it illegal but also very dangerous to drive under the influence of marijuana. So, we always ask you to be safe and responsible while using this magic plant.

5. Visiting Santa Barbara from outside? Look for Cannabis-friendly Lodging

Visiting Santa Barbara Has been made much more fun for cannabis enthusiasts. You ask how? As there are multiple lodging options now available in the city for people who want their marijuana to accompany them, they can enjoy consuming cannabis without any legal problem. And with the growing popularity of cannabis among the masses, more and more cannabis-friendly staying options are making their way to the city.

We recommend you do your research beforehand. And don’t forget to carry your MMJ recommendation with you.

Did we miss anything? Why don’t you tell us in the comment section?

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